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As a society, we owe it to our Combat Veterans to provide them with all the necessary resources and support to help them achieve success in both their personal and professional lives. This includes navigating the vast network of programs available to them. Our brave Combat Infantrymen and Special Forces Soldiers have fought on the front lines and deserve all the benefits and assistance we can offer. Your generous donations will enable us to create and maintain new initiatives that provide a seamless process for assisting them in transitioning to civilian life and finding jobs.

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Welcome To The  CIBA Membership And Community

The Combat Infantrymen’s Association has recently launched this new online member center and community features that will benefit members and others interested in supporting our mission to help America’s Warfighters. Our National Commander has worked tirelessly to develop a comprehensive plan, which is now becoming a reality thanks to his dedication, hard work, and financial resources. Join us in supporting our CIB Veterans and helping them lead fulfilling lives after their service to our country.

Signup Procedure 1: New Membership Signup

This applies to individuals that are joining for the first time or former members whose previous account is now lapsed due to non-payment and want to establish a new account.   

Review the available CIBA membership levels and choose one that meets your qualifications.

Now select that CIBA membership level and click on the "Join Button."

Once you have completed payment process you will be taken to your Account page!

Login Procedure 2: Current Members with a email address

This applies to individuals that have been a CIBA member before the current date,  previously signed up with their current email address and are current in their membership. This primarily applies to CIBA “Lifetime Members” at this time.

Go to our "Lost Password" widget and follow the instructions to reset your old password. Then login to your account

Login to your CIBA Account Profile. After doing this you will be able to update your CIBA account profile information and review account

After receiving your new CIBA login credentials, you should automatically be taken to your personal account profile page

Support Procedure 3: If Or When All Else Fails

This applies to individuals that have been a member before the current date,  previously signed up with their current email address, are current in their membership and still can NOT access their CIBA Account. Please access our online support form, choose the reason “Login Issue” and please fill it out the form completely. Our support team will contact you within 24 hours to resolve any issue you may have.  (See Membership Support Video)

Whats New?

This year the Combat Infantrymen’s Association has launched its new organization website to heighten awareness of its cause and to better serve its membership. The website offers a plethora of new features to accommodate the association’s participants, Military News, In-Site visitor support, Donation Services, Merchandise Sales, Membership Geo Mapping, In-Site Contact Services, and much more.

CIBA is also launching its new CIBA Member Center to better serve its members with a streamlined account, payment, information, better accounting processes for its members. and a online communication suite that allows the CIBA Board Of Directors to better communicate with its members. 

The New CIBA Social Community… The CIB Members ask for it and now this year the the CIB Members will have a social community they can their own. Keep an eye out in your member page and on the CIBA News page for BETA information coming this month. 

Member Center And Community Support Videos – As our membership questions are fielded we will be addressing the most important and recurring questions coming in to our support team.  Find the latest support videos at: See Membership Support Video